My name is Tim and let me tell you a little about  VELVET GOURMET;
I started this website with just my BBQ Sauces and then We expanded  it to a Discount and Wholesale Home Decor and Specialty  Items. The  making or
modifying of BBQ Sauces over 30 years ago, (
I was Born and Raised in a Small Town in  Oregon where the July 4th Family BBQ was almost as Important as
)  inspired me to make my own BBQ Sauce, because I could not find one that I really liked. They were either too thick and I could not get the flavor
"INTO" the meat, only "ON" the meat, or If they were thin enough to marinade with they had no flavor. I even BBQ'd When I was in the Army while I was
Oversea's for the guys in my Unit to have the feel of being home, and started making my own there. So I started making my own marinade and then expanded it to
BBQ sauce.
I think you will  find my sauces thin enough to marinade in and yet packed with lots of flavor. I invite you to cruise through my site and note the different flavors
and the fact that all my sauces and marinades have a very personal touch to them.   I have used and cooked with all these flavors before they are released for sale,
(my friends get a lot of free meals taste testing for me). I hope you try and enjoy my products and when eating with them let the flavors take you away!
*I recommend Marinading beef and pork for 4 to 5 hrs. prior to cooking*
* I recommend Marinading chicken overnight or even 24 hrs. prior to cooking*

<<<A NEW  addition to the  VELVET GOURMET  line is
This is a Thick and Gooey Molasses and Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce not a Marinade like my other Sauces.

Irene (
born and raised in Chicago) and I have looked high and low for great Merchandise, to bring you the highest Quality for the best Value We can find. We are
sure that  you will be pleased that the warehouse staff  will  try their best to get all item orders shipped from our California warehouse within 24 hours of
receiving the order. We hope that all the items you order meet or exceed your expectations and we think you will be satisfied with the quality and service you
receive from VELVET GOURMET
 You can trust OUR STAFF!  to take care of your Internet shopping needs and any questions you may have. If for any reason an
Item is out-of-stock or unavailable we will be able to notify you within minutes. Shop with confidence with us and PayPal.

Irene and I want you, (THE CUSTOMER), to feel comfortable shopping our website. We feel that Integrity on the Internet is the most Important part of Internet
buying and selling, that when you place an order you know withing hours, (not days), that an item is out of stock or on backorder and your money is refunded at
your request immediately not days later. We have FREE SHIPPING on Selected Items.

We started selling our BBQ Sauces online in 2006 and expanded to Home Decor and redesigned the website in 2007. The Website at Velvet Gourmet is designed
and categorized  for your shopping convenience.  We want you feel as if you just walked into a corner store or your favorite store in your home town. I have over 40
years of retail experience and Irene has over 25 years of retail experience. We take much pride in our customer service skills, and our GOAL is to be the BEST
little CORNER STORE on the Internet. We want YOU to always feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions about the website or its products so we can do
our best to serve you in any way possible. Irene or I will handle each and every sale personally. We want to take care of every customer as if they just walked into
our office to have a cup of coffee, on a personal and professional basis. This is NOT a CORPORATION this is a CO-OPERATION. Velvet Gourmet is YOUR
Remember FREE SHIPPING on selected items!

Thank you for stopping by,  try my sauce and feel free to get in touch with me for any questions you may have. If you would like to get in touch with us go to the
Contact Us page. Always make sure you contact us for availability of all items on  VELVET GOURMET  we try our best to keep instock but sometimes items will
sell out.

If you have a particular flavor or flavors that you would like to see in a BBQ Sauce contact me and I will make it for you. You will have to buy the first batch which
is between 12 to 24 jars I will give some discounting for those orders and will keep the rights to the recipe. If you purchase a custom blended order I will name it
whatever you like!!!
As Always enjoy

<<Stu the company cat.....Mr. Stewart or Smoke is his name and he knows "ALL"  the secrets in my Recipes....
and he doesn't talk!!! I hope !!!  

Our Goal and commitment is to give you the personnel service that you cannot get on other websites.
You can contact us at anytime and we will do our best to get back to you with an answer to your questions ASAP.
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