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#38624 Statue | Lion Guardian
With his mighty paw placed atop a crested
shield, a regal lion surveys all who approach
the door to your "castle". Inspired by the
centuries-old stone carvings found in castles
and cathedrals throughout Europe, this
impressive statue makes a bold historical
statement and lends distinction to your
entryway or garden! Fiber resin. 12 1/4" x
14 1/8" x 25"
Price: $89.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
#37095 'On Strike' Gnome
Cute Mr. Gnome stands up - or lays down! -
for his rights. A witty tribute to hardworking
folk that's right at home whether gracing
your garden, or decorating your office desk!
Stone/polyresin blend. 9 1/4" x 4" x 9" high.
Price: $19.95
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#39447 Metal Sculpture Rooster
Whether your décor is wine-country Tuscan or
down-home farmyard country-cute, this
impressive wrought-iron rooster adds just the
right touch of color and sophistication! A
substantial 31 inches tall with filigree base and
graceful tail; dozens of embossed-metal
feathers give this handsome sculpture the look
of an artistic antique handicraft. Cast iron and
wrought iron. 15" x 6" x 31" high.
UPC 849179000790
Price: $49.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
#39265 Garden Gnome Greeting Sign An
apple-cheeked forest gnome perches perkily on
his hand-hewn bench. A witty and winsome
way to welcome visitors to your home with a
darling dose of fairy-tale charm! Polyresin. 13
3/8" x 9" x 14"
Price: $39.95
#39892 Graceful Garden Lantern
Intriguing five-sided lantern features
tapered shape, weathered ivory finish and
graceful fluted roof. Generously sized to
hold a stately pillar candle for plenty of
cheerful candlelight. Loop at top for
hanging; can also be used as standing
lantern. Iron and glass. Candle not
included. 7 1/2" diameter x 12" high.  
Price: $24.95
#13185 Bicycle Plant Stand   
Nostalgic styling blooms to life when you
add your favorite plant to this whimsical
stand! Wrought iron curlicues form the
shape of an old-fashioned bicycle from
bygone days. Weight 3.4 lbs. Iron. Plant
not included. Some Assembly Required 20
3/4" x 10" x 14 1/8" high; plant basket:
10" diameter.
Price $39.95
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#32269 Celestial Wall Plaque
Intricate details lend astral glory
to this starry stone-look moon and
sun plaque.  Alabastrite. 11" x 1"
x 10 1/2" Price: $12.95   
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#13912 Magical Motion Hummingbird Stone
You’ll swear it’s magic as after dark, this
pretty garden stone’s hummingbird begins
to beat its lovely wings! Hidden LED solar
lights create the Weight 1.8 lbs. Polyresin
and solar LED lights. One AA 600 MAH
NI-CD battery included. 7 1/2" x 4 x 9
3/4" high.
Price: $29.95
#13900 Hummingbird Haven Fountain
There’s only one way to describe this fountain:
absolutely breathtaking! This stunning show of
motion and light is sure to be the showpiece of
your garden both day and night, with luminescent
lights bringing the birds to glowing life as the sun
goes down. AC/AC adaptor model: input 120V AC
60Hz 150mA. Output: 12V AC 500mA. Weight
9.8 lbs. Resin, metal, and plastic. Natural river
rocks included. Submersible pump and electrical
adaptor included. UL Recognized. 11" x 10 1/2"
x 22 1/4" high.
Price: $139.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
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#14584 Sleepy Gnome Welcome Sign
welcomed by your very own gnome! This
sleepy fellow adds a whimsical touch to this
folksy faux wood garden sign. Weight 2 lbs.
11 1/2" x 4" x 7 3/4" high. Polystone.  
Price: $24.95
Wherever you roam, you’ll get a warm welcome
home when you’re greeted by this cheerful
gnome! Rustic faux wood statue makes a
fanciful folk art addition to your porch or
garden. Weight 4.4 lbs. Polyresin. 8" x 6¼" x
20¼" high.
lPrice: $49.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
A double-sided windmill for twice the garden
metal windmill are set in motion, one clockwise
mesmerizing beauty and a touch of whimsy to your
yard. It features a metal stake for ease of
placement. Item weight: 10 lbs. Windmill: 24¾"
Some Assembly Required
Price: $99.95 W/ FREE SHIPPING
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#39697 Celestial Glow Dark Step Stone
Lovely by day, and magical by night— place this
celestial plaque in a sunny spot to enjoy a
beautiful glow-in-the-dark moon and stars
image! Stone-look circular plaque makes a
beautiful stepping stone. A striking piece of
garden art! Polyresin. 10 1/2" diameter x 1/2"
Price: $17.95   
With paw perfectly poised atop an orb, this
matching pair of magnificent lion statuary will
guard your garden or walkway and add a 18.8
Each is 16" x 8½" x 12" high. Polyresin.
UPC: 849179004965.
Price: $119.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
Enjoy breakfast lounging in the morning sun
or afternoon tea in the garden with this
comfortable and attractive black metal trio.
The set includes a round lattice-top table
and two matching chairs.
x 30" high; each chair: 19" x 19" x 37" h.
Metal. UPC: 849179015299.
Some Assembly Required.
Price: $179.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
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#10015517 FROLICKING FROG Keep mounts
to the side of your home or garage. This
happy frog is happy to help you keep your
The frame easily attaches to your home or
garage and features a smiling frog holder
and watering can detailing on the base.
Item weight: 5.2 lbs.
8½" x 7½" x 12" high. Cast Iron.
Hose not included. UPC: 849179015695.
Price: $39.95
can of your favorite beer in his hands and he will
unquenched. Item weight: 1.8 lbs.
5 1/2" x 5 1/8" x 11 3/8" high.
Polyresin. Drink not included.
UPC: 849179015978.
Price: $19.95
Add a flurry of dancing movement to your garden
or yard with this charming windmill! Metal
crescents shine in the sunlight and spin in unison
with the blowing breeze. Item weight: 8 lbs.
Windmill: 19" x 7¾" x 19" high; 84" high with
stakes. Iron. UPC: 849179008741.
Some Assembly Required.
Price: $99.95 W/ FREE SHIPPING
all summer long with this delightful windmill. The
perfect garden accessory to add movement and
shine to your outdoor living space! Item weight: 7
lbs. Windmill: 21" x 7¾" x 21" high; 84" high with
stakes. Iron.
Price:  $99.95 W/ FREE SHIPPING
Adding cheer to your living space is as easy as
1-2-3! This adorable planter trio features
scrolling black metal frame. Perfect for your
patio table, porch, or anywhere you could use a
triple dose of greenery. Plant your favorite
blooms and enjoy! Item weight: 1.6 lbs.
5/8" diameter x 3 1/2" high. Metal.
Plants not included. UPC: 849179016371.
Show off your potted plants with a healthy
dose of country whimsy. This white metal
tricycle plant holder looks great indoors or
outside. Item weight: 2.4 lbs.
9¼" x 21½" x 12½" high; planter: 9" diameter
x 3¾" high. Iron.
Plant not included. UPC: 849179016395.
Some Assembly Required
Place three plants inside the containers of
this circular stand and watch as your potted
garden blooms with appeal. The black metal
shower head and faucet handle that will add
undeniable charm to your yard or patio.
Item weight: 2.6 lbs. 15" x 14 5/8" x 31 1/4"
high; each pot: 6" diameter x 4 3/4" high.
Metal. Plants not included.
UPC: 849179016661.Some Assembly Required
Add some sunny color to your backyard and Add
some sunny color to your backyard and family.
bask in the sunshine or the shade with this
Item weight: 2.1 lbs. 37½" x 104" long.
65% Cotton, 35% Polyester.
Price: $29.95
#35107 Garden Chair Swing
Rustic garden swing is perfect for porch or
patio; comfy bench is roomy enough for two! A
restful way to dream away the day!  
Russian pine. Some assembly required. 67 1/3"
x 33 1/2" x 65" high.
Price: $299.95 W/FREE SHIPPING.
x 25" x 49" high. Cotton. .
Price  $49.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
#13000 Cape Cod Canvas Hammock
canvas hammock take you away! Recline in
comfort in your favorite shady spot; such a
lovely and luxurious way to enjoy a lazy
outdoor afternoon. Max. Wt.: 264 lbs.
Weight 5 lbs. 100% Cotton; wood frame with
rope for hanging. May Require Additional
Freight Charge. 47 1/4" x 106 1/4" high.  
Price: $69.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
#34302 Cotton Padded Swing Chair
A relaxing way to retreat from the day! Soft
cotton padding and gentle rocking motion
cradles you in exceptional comfort.  Great for
use indoors or out. Max Wt.: 200 lbs. Seat:
10 1/2" wide. Chair measures 38" x 17 3/4" x
52" high.
Price: $49.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
#33024 Two-Person Hammock
comfortably for two. A delightful retreat!  
100% hanging. Max. Wt.: 440 lbs. 54" x 140"
Price: $59.95 W/FREE SHIPPNG
#35330 Hammock Chair
Perfect to hang on porch or branch; comfy
Max weight 200 lbs. 39 1/4" x 46".
Price: $49.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
He’s an angler, he’s a gnome, and he’s a pure
mushroom stool and has just hooked a fish! The
backside of the mushroom features a solar panel
that soaks up the sun and makes the fish glow at
night Item weight: 2.4 lbs.
5 3/4" x 4 7/8" x 11" high.
Polyresin. One AA 1.2 volt 300MAH NI-CD
battery and white led light bulb included.
UPC: 849179016197.  
Price:  $29.95
tortoise pal. This solar-powered statue features
a friendly welcome sign that lights up at night!
Set it in a sunny spot in your yard or garden and
Item weight: 2.2 lbs. 8" x 5" x 7½" high.
Polyresin. One AA 1.2 volt 300MAH NI-CD
battery and white led light bulb included.
Price: $49.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
Keep bugs out and let fresh air in with this
simple and or camper and works great for pets.
The simple magnetic center closure lets you in
and out with ease and closes automatically.
Features camouflage design.
Item weight: 0.9 lb. 40" x 82 1/2" long.
Polyester mesh. UPC: 81764401971
Price: $11.99
Pull up a chair and grow a while! This engaging
planter looks like an outdoor seat at a bustling
French cafe, “Ooh la la!” Item weight: 3.6 lbs.
17¾" x 14" x 29" high; each ring plant holder:
4½" diameter; seat: 9¼" diameter; hole in the
middle: 5" d.
Pine wood and iron.
Plant not included.
UPC: 849179005191. Some Assembly Required
Price: $44.95
This planter can pull its weight when it comes to
adding charm to your outdoor space. The Oxcart
hand-crafted oxcart from the days of yore.
Item weight: deep; each wheels: 7¾" diameter.
Price: $79.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
A rustic bench accented with curled metal legs that have a vintage-
inspired patina makes this the best seat in the yard for your plants. Add
your botanical beauties to the bench’s planter box and place a potted
plant on both arms for a truly delightful sight. Item weight: 8.6 lbs. 31¾"
x 14½" x 23" high; each ring plant holder: 4½" diameter; inner planter
space: 19" x 5¾" x 4½" deep. Pine wood and iron.
Plants not included.UPC:
849179005184. Some Assembly Required
Price: $89.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
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Whether your home is on the range or a little more suburban, this Western-style fire pit will keep you warm as
you enjoy a night under the stars. The metal mesh lid features four stars and a convenient handle for easy
removal, and the base has four metal feet. Item weight: 9 lbs. 22" x 22" x 13" high.
Cast Iron. UPC: 849179006556
Price: $89.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
Item not available to ship to Canada.
A giggling trio of amphibious acrobats enjoys a merry
moment of mirth, playfully tumbling down the length of a
free-swinging of love and laughter to your garden!
Powderstone/polyresin blend. 3 1/4" x 3" x 30 1/4" high.
Price: $16.95    
#12788 Woodland Squirrel Tree Decor
Two-piece decoration creates the illusion of a mischievous
squirrel poking out from a tree trunk; a merry accent
indeed! Lifelike furry fellow will have visitors guessing and
grinning for 3 1/4" x 2 3/4" x 10" high. Set
Price: $19.95
Roll out the barrels and add a dollop of country charm!
metal banding and are fastened to sturdy wooden posts.
Its hinged tri-level design gives you the freedom to
adjust it to fit anywhere in your yard.
Item weight: 6.9 lbs. Open: 36" x 9¾" x 22 5/8" high;
closed: 12½" x 9¾" x 22 5/8" high; each bucket is 9½"
diameter x 5" high. Fir wood. Plants not included.
UPC: 849179005122.
Price: $89.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
Graceful wrought-iron curlicues combine to create
a fetching stand for your favorite plants;
two-tiered design makes a handsome
space-saving display!
Plants not included.  Metal
square x 27 1/2" high.
Price: $39.95   
make these the charming homes for a variety of
plants. Weight 9 lbs.
Large: 15" x 15" x 12" high; medium: 12" x 12" x
9¾" high; small: 10" x 10" x 7½" high. Fir wood.
Plants not included. UPC: 849179005139.  
Price: $79.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
This helpful little gnome will light the path to your garden or front door!
He has a classic red hat and flowing white beard, and in his hand is a
light-up lantern that will glow softly with power from a tiny button-cell
Item weight: 3.4 lbs. 8" x 5¾" x 16¾" high. Polyresin and metal.
One “CR2032” button cell battery included. UPC: 849179023522.
Price: $49.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
All decked out in his desert camouflage, this
bearded fellow shows his heartfelt support for
our troops. A light-hearted way to proclaim your
allegiance to this country, and to all who defend
it! All-weather resin is perfect for displaying
indoors or out. Resin. 4 3/4" x 4" x 11 1/4" high.
Price: $19.95
heart and home with country charm! The wooden
ready to display your favorite potted plants.
The metal framework features handlebars. Item
weight: 4.2 lbs. 23¾" x 15¾" x 16" high; basket:
9" x 14" x 4½" high. Iron and wood. Plant not
UPC: 849179016654. Some Assembly Required
Price:$69.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
Let this lovely little ladybug keep you from being
locked out of your home! She’s a darling
decoration with a special secret— she stashes a
spare key safely out of sight from prying eyes,
but right at reach when you need it. Weight: 0.8
lbs. 4" x 4" x 1¾" high. Cast iron.
UPC: 849179011239.
Price:  $7.95
your door, and he’ll keep your spare key safe
and out of sight! A charming addition to your
outdoor décor with a fabulously functional side,
too! Weight: 0.6 lbs. 4" x 3¾" x 1½" high. Cast
iron. UPC: 849179011246.
Price:  $7.95
This may be the most charming plant holder ever!
The rain barrel potted plant holder features
authentic black metal banding and is set on a
wooden tricycle frame. From the wagon wheels to
the little box on the front of the handlebars, this
plant accessory is overloaded with country charm!
Item weight: 3.6 lbs. 21" x 12" x 18"h. Fir wood.
Plant not included.
UPC: 849179016630. Some Assembly Required
Price: $69.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
Display your blooming beauties on a plant stand
that’s just as lovely as they are! This iron stand
features three slatted platforms and an alluring
hourglass shape with curling iron embellishments
crawling up the center. The two lower platforms
hold smaller pots, while the top center platform
can hold your proudest plant.
Comes fully assembled. The top platform
measures 11 5/8” diameter and the bottom two
measure 8 1/4” diameter. The height of the 2
side platforms from the floor is approximately 6
1/2" high. Item weight: 5.8 lbs.
22¼" x 11¾" x 26¾" high. Iron.
Plants not included. UPC: 849179017057.  
Price: $59.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
#13843 Country Flower Cart Planter
Capture the charm of a farmer’s country
market with this winsome miniature flower
cart! Just arrange your greenery or colorful
decorative accents inside and instantly add a
wagon load of blooming color to your yard.
Weight 4.3 lbs. Fir wood. Plants not
included. Some Assembly Required 33" x 9
3/4" x 11 1/4" high.
Price: $39.95
#12690 Wagon Wheel Bench
Laze in the shade after a long day; this rustic bench is
right at home on patio, porch or lawn. Sturdy love seat
has ample seating for two, with quaint wagon wheel
armrests at either end. It’s country comfort at its finest!
Weight 35 lbs. Wood. Some Assembly Required. 42 1/4"
x 21" x 31" high.
Price: $199.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
Some boots were made for walking, but this pair is a
playful planter that brings a merry spot of greenery to
your "home on the range". Realistically rustic, right down
to the dusty finish, fancy stitching and worn, wrinkled
shape! Polyresin. 9 5/8" x 7 3/4" x 9 1/8" high.
Our Price $22.00
Let your favorite flowers or plant saddle up in this
charming cowboy boot planter. This planter has plenty of
boot, complete with a spur on the back. A small hole at
the bottom for drainage. Item weight: 1.7 lbs.
7 5/8" x 4 1/4" x 9" high. Polyresin.
Price: $19.95
Show off your cowboy style and your green thumb at the same
time! Fashioned after a pair of classic cowboy kicks, this
planter displays your favorite plant with true Western flair.
Item Weight: 2lbs. 7½" x 7" x 8" High Polyresin.
Price: $29.95
#13842 Wagon Wheel Double-Tier Planter
Add a fresh touch of the country, complete with
greenery, and enjoy your garden in a whole new way!
Double-level planter features a quaint wagon wheel
theme and rustic finish, with plenty of room to
proudly show off your favorite blooms. Weight 11
lbs. Fir wood. Plants not included. Some Assembly
Required. 21 1/8" x 13" x 22" high; each planter:
19" x 8" x 8" high.
Price: $79.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
this cart the instant appeal of a cherished antique! Real
rolling wheels add a charming touch and allow easy
access to move things around your garden. Weight 28.7
lbs. 64"" x 37 1/2"" x 26 1/2"" high. Fir wood. Some
Assembly Required
Price: $149.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
#12691 Wagon Wheel Planter
Rustic planter creates an instant oasis with a little
country charm! Four buckets hold a quartet of your
loveliest plants, suspended from a realistic wagon wheel
center; well-weathered finish lends an antique look.
Weight 8 lbs. Wood and metal. Plants not included.
Some Assembly Required. May Require Additional Freight
Charge. 18 1/2" diameter x 23 1/2" high.
Price: $99.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
like a saddle and features cowboy and horse detailing on
top. Don’t let your garden hose run wild in your yard.
Keep it organized and neat with this charming Western
accessory. Mount it to the side of your home or garage
and then wrap the hose around the saddle seat! Item
weight: 4.4 lbs. 7¼" x 9" x 11¼" high. Cast Iron.
Hose not included. UPC: 849179015688.
Price: $39.95
Your garden can become a relaxing oasis with help from this
beautiful butterfly bench. Place it near fragrant flowers,
beautiful blooms, or even on your patio as a pretty perch that
welcomes you to rest a while. It’s also a great addition inside
your home! Set it in the entry way for a convenient seat when
you put on your shoes or use it in any room as a display stand
for your favorite potted plants.
Item weight: 20.9 lbs. 60½" x 24¼" x 38¾" high. Metal.
Price: $199.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
handsome brown wicker trio features two chairs and a glass-topped
round table. Two chairs with modern flair and fitted with neutral
foam cushions for hours of seated comfort. The matching
hourglass-shaped woven wicker 28" x 26½" x 27" high; each cushion:
19¾" diameter x ¼" thick.
Polyurethane, aluminum and tempered glass; polyester filled cotton
cushions. UPC: 849179015480.
Price: $449.99 W/FREE SHIPPING
#10015689 COUPLE BENCH
for an intimate conversation in the garden or on the patio.
The seats face opposite directions, and when you each
nestle in, you’ll be face-to-face with the one you love. A
charming accent for your outdoor living space! Item weight:
Price: $249.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
#14644 Littlest Fireman Fountain
gaze upon this child at play! Charming watches the
water’s sparkling cascade from hydrant and pail.
Weight 15.1 lbs.
14" x 12¾" x 20" high. Polyresin.
Submersible pump included.
Some Assembly Required
Retail Price: $179.95
Our Price $150.00 W/FREE SHIPPING
When becomes a roomy picnic bench with plenty of room for guests.
Weight 38 lbs. Picnic table: 55" x 53¾" x 29" high; bench: 55" x 31½" x 24¼" h.
Fir wood. Some Assembly Required
Price: $249.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
#35144 Acorn Fountain
cleverly rendered acorn that symbolizes the huge
alabastrite looks just like real stone! Pump included. Some
assembly required. UL Recognized. May require additional
freight charge. 23" D x 38" H.  
Price: $249.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
Classic and modern come together to
create a truly stunning water sculpture!
water sparkle from the faux-stone ball,
cradled by a stylized abstract shape. An
irresistibly unique piece of garden art!
Fiberglass/resin. Water capacity: 7 liters.
UL recognized. 19 1/2" diameter x 44" high.
#33631 Playful Cherubs Fountain
Water cascades over playful cherrubs in this styled
with flowing lines and faux granite finish.  
UL Recognized. Alabastrite. May require additional
freight charge. 19 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 42" high.
#32001 Water Fountain
A young couple is caught in a spring
shower, but their thoughts don’t appear
Recognized. Fiberglass.
20" diameter x 42" high.  
Price: $199.95 W/ FREE SHIPPING
#34189 Fairy Maiden Fountain
A fetching fairy maid pours water in sparkling tiers
down a series of open blossoms. A splendid
centerpiece for your garden! Comes with an electric
water pump. UL Recognized. Fiberglass.19 1/2"
diameter x 42" high.
Price: $199.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
#13807 Mosaic Courtyard Fountain
Impressive fountain gives your garden the
instant grandeur of a palace courtyard!
Graceful faux granite columns and bowls
feature a stylish mosaic-look trim; sculpted
pineapples add a stately welcoming touch.
Weight 21.3 lbs. Polyresin. Electrical Pump
included. UL Recognized. 19 1/4" diameter x
34 1/2" high.
Price: $199.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
#32428 Lion Head Wall Fountain
Mount this classically styled fountain on any wall
to recreate the ambiance and elegance of a
Greco-Roman sanctuary. Holds five gallons of
water; pump included. UL Recognized.  18" x 10" x
30" high.
Price: $129.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
We do! This Dachshund Doggy Bench is friends
and elongated body. He’s the best pet you’ll
ever own, with no upkeep or maintenance, and
can be a great help in the entry way of your
home, on your porch, and beyond
Max. weight limit: 300 lbs. Item weight: 51 lbs.
53" x 10" x 25" high. Polyresin.
UPC: 849179015428.
Price: $249.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
#14201 Geometric Fire Pit
Gather round this fantastic fire pit and instantly set the scene for fun! The perfect way to add the wonderful
warmth of a real campfire anywhere you please, be it a backyard or campsite; just fill with heat to reach you,
yet keep sparks and embers safely contained. Burns up to 33 lbs. of wood. Safe to use Charcoal. Weight 21 lbs.
Iron. Some Assembly Required. 28 1/4" diameter x 19 1/2" high; fire pit: 23" diameter x 8" deep; mesh lid: 24"
Price: $199.95W/FREE SHIPPING
Item not available to ship to Canada.
is an ode to simpler times. The soothing sound of
cascading water falls from the well pump into
wooden barrels, and when you add a splash of
greenery in the front-mounted planter trio, you’ll
have a peaceful oasis of a bygone era in your
yard! Weight 25.8 lbs. 21¼" x 21¼" x 34" high;
each small bucket: 5½" diameter x 4" deep; large
bucket: 21¼ diameter x 10" deep. Fir wood and
Iron. Plants not included.
UPC: 849179005146.
Price: $259.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
#14650 Wagon Wheel Fountain
Country charm abounds in this casual all-wood water
fountain! An old-fashioned wagon wheel becomes a
quaint backdrop for a dazzling display as water
dances from bucket to bucket. Impressively sized at
33"" high for serious style impact! Weight 16 lbs.
28"" x 13"" x 33"" high. Fir wood. Submersible
electric pump included. Some Assembly Required UL
Price: $199.95 W/FREE SHIPPING.
Hat, saddle, barrel and boots — here is a fountain with
western roots! Sit back and relax at the end of a hard
day’s ride as the water gently flows. Weight 16 lbs.
UPC# 817515012783. 15" x 12½" x 26¼" high.
Fiber glass and resin. Submersible water pump included.
UL Recognized
Price: $159.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
#13841 Apple Barrel Fountain
Sparkling waterfalls cascade from spout to spout down
the faces of three stacked bushel baskets. This
generously sized fountain with genuine wood trim adds
Weight 30 lbs.
Due to the size and weight of this item,
we are ONLY able to ship it within the Continental
United States, to physical address locations, and only
via UPS Ground.
Fir wood. Electric pump included. Some
Assembly Required. UL Recognized. 23 1/2" diameter x
30 1/2" high.
Price: $199.95W/FREE SHIPPING
Your decorating wish just came true! Natural wood
wishing well adds quaint nostalgic appeal to your outdoor
living space; so pretty when its bucket and base are
filled with your favorite flowering plants! Weight 16 lbs.
25 5/8"" diameter x 44 1/8"" high. Fir wood.
Some Assembly Required Retail Price:$199.95
Price $175.00 W/FREE SHIPPING
#13056 Wild Western Water Fountain
Who says that fountains have to be frilly? This
ranch-style accent is loaded with authentic cowboy
styling for a delightfully different take on garden decor.
Real rustic weathered finish makes it an instant perfect
fit for the great outdoors! AC 120, 60 HZ electrical
pump. Weight 12.2 lbs. Polyresin. Some Assembly
Required. UL Recognized. 14" x 9 1/4" x 22 1/2" high.
Price: $119.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
Sit down and daydream throughout those perfect summer days
with this lovely Peacock-inspired bistro set. Whether on your
front porch or back patio, this iron trio will inspire you to relax
amid its elegant beauty. Two chairs feature swirling iron
tendrils, and the round table features a fanciful flower design
and four curled legs. This patio set will add a touch of vintage
charm to your outdoor living space. Item weight: 26.6 lbs.
Table: 19 3/4" x 19 3/4" x 21 5/8" high; chairs: 25 1/4" x 24
1/2" x 36" high. Iron. Set of 3 UPC: 849179016937.
Price: $249.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
Give four of your favorite plants a supremely stylish showcase!
This metal plant stand features four mesh platforms, a curved
“banister” and four scrolling feet below. Standing at more than
three feet tall, its a grand way to exhibit your green thumb.
This iron plant stand is finished in black. Four pie-shaped
platforms are ready to stage the plants of your choice. Item
weight: 5.2 lbs.
17" x 16½" x 39" high. Iron. Plants not included.
UPC: 849179017552. Some Assembly Required
Price: $79.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
Vintage charm is in bloom! This adorable planter’s frame
looks like a high-wheel bicycle from bygone days, with one
large wheel in the front and a smaller wheel in back.
Attached are three pails that are ready to hold your
blooming plants. This lovely accessory will look great on your
patio or in your favorite room.  Item weight: 5.4 lbs.
32" x 10" x 33¾" high. Iron. Plants not included.
UPC: 849179018153.Some Assembly Required
Price: $59.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
#10016165 WHITE PATIO
Enjoy your outdoor living space in utmost
style as you relax in this dramatically cool
lounge chair. The fanned iron frame gives
this seat a striking modern appeal that will
be irresistible to you and your guests.
Max. weight limit: 220 lbs.
Item weight: 12.8 lbs. 29½" x 31½" x 31" h
Iron. UPC: 849179020644.
Some Assembly Required
Price: $149.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
Enjoy your outdoor living space in utmost
style as you relax in this dramatically cool
lounge chair. The fanned iron frame gives
this seat a striking modern appeal that will
be irresistible to you and your guests.
Max. weight limit: 220 lbs.
Item weight: 12.8 lbs. 29½" x 31½" x 31" h
Iron. UPC: 849179020644.
Some Assembly Required
Retail Price: $149.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
Sit and enjoy as the cool shadows of evening
begin to curl and climb throughout your yard.
This lovely garden bench features a scalloped
seat and a beautiful decorative backrest
made from black metal flourishes. Max weight
limit: 440 lbs.
Item weight: 22.4 lbs. 51" x 26¼" x 39" high.
Iron. UPC: 849179019259.  
Some Assembly Required  
Price: $199.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
This will be your favorite seat, indoors or out!
Espresso-colored cushions held by matching
rope and a wooden frame, all designed to give
you a premium outdoor seat for relaxing as you
sway with the summer breeze. Max. Wt.: 200
Item weight: 3.2 lbs. 39½" x 32" x 55" high.
Recycled cotton; wood frame with rope for
hanging. UPC: 849179019341.
Price: $49.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
Curl up with a good book, a glass of lemonade,
and enjoy the summer breeze! This cool woven
hammock chair features espresso-hued rope
and a large wooden dowel that will provide you
hours of outdoor relaxation. Max. Wt.: 200
Hang it from your porch or favorite backyard
tree! Item weight: 2.8 lbs.
39¼" x 48" high. Recycled cotton rope on a
wood frame, metal loops for hanging.
UPC: 849179019334.
Price: $49.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
You and your favorite person can both relax in
total comfort and style in this generous
hammock. The espresso-hued woven rope
creates a classic hammock mesh pattern that
will cradle you both. Max. Wt.: 440 lbs.
Hang it up on your patio, porch, or from a big
backyard tree. Item weight: 4.2 lbs.
54" x 140" long. Recycled cotton rope on a
wood frame with metal hanging rings.
UPC: 849179019358.
Price: $59.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
Front porch rocking is a lovely way to spend a leisurely
summer’s day, and this iron rocking bench is perfect
place to chat with your favorite friend. The sturdy iron
framework features two lone star cutouts and fanciful
curls that make this a standout outdoor accent.
Maximum weight capacity: 300 lbs. Item weight: 24.4
lbs. 44½" x 31½" x 35¼" high. Iron.
UPC: 849179020729. Some Assembly Required
Price: $299.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
Wake up the side of your house, garage or
garden wall with this gorgeous Trellis Planter
Box. Its fir wood construction features a tall
decorative back and a large rectangular
planting box below that is ready to show off
your green thumb.
Item weight: 10.2 lbs. 27¾" x 10¾" x 38" h.
Fir wood. Plants not included.
UPC: 849179019112. Some Assembly Required
Price: $109.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
A stunning showcase your favorite summer blooms! This absolutely
charming outdoor planter features fir wood construction, a squared
wishing well pavilion, and a hanging metal-banded wooden bucket that
awaits the plant of your choice.
Item weight: 16 lbs. 25½" x 19¾" x 43½" high; planter: 9¼" x 7½" x 11¼" .
Fir wood. Plant not included. UPC: 849179019129.  
Some Assembly Required
Price: $199.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
A tasty acorn is the perfect snack for this bushy-tailed
squirrel. This statue’s gorgeous details and charming pose
will make your garden or yard a cheerier place to relax.
Item weight: 1 lb. 6½" x 3¼" x 6¾" high. Polyresin and
stone. UPC: 849179021986.  
Price: $12.95
This curious little squirrel is surveying his surroundings in
search of a delicious snack! Beautifully detailed and
charmingly sweet, this statue will make your garden or
porch even more enjoyable.
Item weight: 0.8 lb. 7" x 3¼" x 6" high.
Polyresin and stone. UPC: 849179021993.
Price: $12.95
The beautiful brown tone of this fir wood bench will
make your garden or patio even more beautiful! Place this
classic bench in your favorite outdoor space to enjoy the
sunshine or the shade.
Item weight: 21.4 lbs. 52¾" x 20" x 33¾" high.
Fir wood. UPC: 849179021696.
Some Assembly Required
Price:$199.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
gorgeous wood and ready to hold you beautiful blooms.
Item weight: 8.8 lbs. 31½" x 16" x 23½" high.
Fir wood. Plants not included. UPC: 849179021580.
Some Assembly Required
Price:$79.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
Country-style living has never been more charming or relaxing! This welcoming outdoor chair features
slatted wood and wagon wheel arm rests.
Item weight: 25.2 lbs. 28½" x 24½" x 36" high. Fir wood. UPC: 849179016616.
Some Assembly Required
Price: $159.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
this charming cast iron Western-themed bicycle. The
elongated cart features decorative wheels, horseshoe and
lonestar emblems, and plenty of room for your plants. It
even has a tiny plant basket on the handlebars!
Item weight: 4.6 lbs. 26½" x 9½" x 15" high.
Cast iron and sheet metal. UPC: 849179022723.
Some Assembly Required
Retail Price: $49.95 W.FREE SHIPPING
Your three favorite potted plants will love being in the
saddle of these Western stands. Made from cast iron
and embellished with horseshoes and lone stars, these
plant stands come in three sizes and heights to make a
great showcase of your green thumb in any room.
Item weight: 14.6 lbs. Large: 14" diameter x 27 1/2"
high; medium: 12" diameter x 25 3/4" high; small: 10
1/8" diameter x 23 1/4" high. Cast iron. Set
UPC: 849179022686.
Price: $129.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
Have a seat and enjoy your great backyard or patio with
this lovely cast iron chair. It features a fleur-de-lis
design seat and matching backrest with fanciful curls.
Item weight: 10 lbs. 15¼" x 20¾" x 33¾" high. Iron.
UPC: 849179021351. Some Assembly Required
Price: $99.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
The perfect patio table for your outdoor living space, no
matter how big or small! This charming cast iron table
features a fleur-de-lis design tabletop and fanciful
Item weight: 8.4 lbs. 23 3/4" diameter x 28 3/8" high.
Iron. UPC: 849179021368. Some Assembly Required
Price: $119.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
This mischievous tabby cat can’t resist climbing up to see
what’s on the other side. He’s captured in lifelike detail
and will hang from your favorite potted plant, garden
gate, or wherever there’s a hint of trouble to discover.
Polyresin and stone. UPC: 849179020736.
Price: $19.95
Grace your garden with the charming powers of this
look like burnished bronze and will be a delight to
behold as your garden blooms around her.
Item weight: 10 lbs. 17" x 9" x 17" high. Polyresin.
UPC: 849179023515.
Price: $79.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
CAMPING CHAIR Available in Red, Blue, Black
Around the campfire, tailgating, or just enjoying your own backyard,
this comfortable outdoor chair will be your favorite seat. It features a
mesh cup holder and easy fold-up design for on-the-go fun.
Maximum weight limit: 225 lbs. Item weight: 6 lbs.
20” x 19” x 35” high. Polyester fabric and steel. UPC: 849179022631.
Price: $29.95
Exotic flair and stunning style makes this patio chair look so
good that you’ll want to bring it inside! Metal chair features
intricate Moroccan-style cutouts and pretty, curved legs.
Item weight: 10 lbs. 20" x 19½" x 35" high.
Iron. UPC: 849179024604.
Price: $119.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
Take a break and enjoy the great outdoors in style with
this beautiful iron patio table. The curved legs are crowned
with an exotic Moroccan-style tabletop featuring intricate
cutouts, and there’s a small display shelf below.
Item weight: 9.6 lbs. 21" diameter x 31" high. Iron.
UPC: 849179024635.
Price: $199.95 W/FREE SHIPPING
STOOL New in town and ready to mingle, this
gorgeous iron stool can do it all! Use it as a
side table, display stand, or as extra seating
for your next party. It features a beautiful
Moroccan-inspired pattern mixed in dark iron.
Item weight: 7.2 lbs. 13½" diameter x 18" h.
Iron. UPC: 849179024598.
Price: $99.95 W/FREE SHIPPING