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This is a page of Testimonials and Reviews from Customers of VELVET GOURMET that have purchased from our website,
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Tried the Marinade first, it was great so I made
it a point to stay at home for last nights meal so
I could try the BBQ Sauce. The Honey Hot is the
one I used and my meal was superlicious!!!!!
Everybody should try it!!!!!!!!!!
Mary from Oklahoma
said about the BBQ
I have purchased a gift for a friend from here.  
I liked it a lot.  I am going to do a lot more
shopping for Christmas presents.
The shipping was a little slow, so plan your
Bette from MN
If your taste buds are craving excitement, then
surprise them with
Velvet Gourmet BBQ Sauces & Marinades.  
They'll be dancing around your mouth with the
first taste!  I've never tasted blends like VG has
come up with.  They are so unique in flavor not
to mention delicious!
These Sauces & Marinades don't just sit on top
of the meat, they penetrate and get all the way
through for savory flavor in every bite, and if
you're a shrimp lover like I am, you have got to
try the cocktail sauce.  It's NOT your typical
cocktail sauce.  It doesn't over power the flavor
of the seafood. VG Shrimp sauce enhances it.
Linda in NC.
Linda From NC said
about the BBQ Sauces
and the Shrimp
Diane From
Michigan said
About the
I tried your Horseradish Mustard.  It was so
good that I started using it as a dip for
chips. It went really well with pretzels. Keep
up the good work!!
The Wicked Wings sauce was tasty....I prefer it
hotter.....but I also know that you have revised
the recipe since the original....I wouldn't mind
trying the new version! We put it on boneless
skinless chicken breasts before cooking and
it was quite nice. We also have used it to
glaze meatballs.....and breaded chicken
strips.....and as a dipping sauce! Keep
Donna From Mi
Said About the
Wicked Wings BBQ
The vases are beautiful...not to mention
interesting & fun to look at...and functional too !  
Very nice.  You guys are really getting some very
classy merchandise in for the new year ! BTW:  
Love the Jammies !!! So pretty, soft, comfortable.
Your help with Pay Pal...set me right up in a
flash.  Shopping was fun. Ordering was a
breeze.. shipping.. what can I say...they got here
right when you said they would ....for Christmas
!!  {my gift to me !!} And it was very thoughtful of
both of you, to stay in contact with me from the
time I placed my order until my shipment arrived.
Keeping me posting as to every step of the
processing..Thank you so much.
Shopping with Velvet Gourmet is not only's fun !  And just 'look' at the wonderful
merchandise to choose from! {umm and the
yummy Marinades and BBQ sauces...
oh to die for!}
Dixie Lady From N.C.
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Barbara From NY said
about the service &
Merchandise at Velvet
There is another angel I would like, but I am
going to wait and see if there is anything else.
I got the angel table today and it is beautiful.  I
am so excited.  My son is complaining I have so
many angels, but you never have enough
angels.  Anyway it is a beautiful piece and came
in perfect condition.  Thank you so much.  And I
love what you are doing for the church, you are
an angel and I hope God blesses you in many
ways. Take care and I will be in touch.
Hello Tim -- yes I got it yesterday & nothing was
broken. I want to thank you again for the
excellent service that you provided - Robert
I did receive the cross and as usual it is beautiful and with such intricate detail.  Everyone raves to me
about the angel table.  It is in my living room. My Mom passed away last July, so I kind of made it a
shrine of photos of her and my Dad and my brother and I when we were kids.  My Dad passed in 1995.  I
love looking at the pictures and with the angel there I know they are in good hands.  She is so
beautiful.  I am having a very hard time losing my Mom, she was 92 and I took care of her for 12 years
and watched her die.  Everyone tells me it gets better.  Sorry to lean on  you shoulder and bother you
with details. I haven't had a chance to check out your sight completely, but I will love the idea you can
buy all at once.  It was very complicating to make a purchase and not have everything on one invoice.  
I have received all your emails and will definitely check all out soon.  I go in spurts.  I am so happy I
found your sight though.  You have such beautiful things and they are not garbage as some sights
are.  Everything I have purchased has been A+++++ and with such beautiful detail.  Even the Grim
Reaper Tic Tac Toe games.  And your pricing is highly reasonable.
A valued Customer From New York
said about Velvet Gourmet
Top of Page
Heard about this website so I decided to check it out.  Great layout, easy to get to what your
looking for and great recipes. (Try them they are delicious!)  Great products and very easy to order
exactly what your looking for. There is something for everyone here. The best part is you dont have
to hassle with department stores. YES!!  
No more dealing with rude people in the stores or
waiting in long lines at checkout.
 Gotta try it......Its great!
Sandy From
Michigan Said>>
John from Virginia wrote:
Tim -
I received the cross today, and it
is brilliant!  Just what I wanted.  
Thank you very much.
You must have had UPS on stand-by orders as the
plate has already arrived!  I'm still awaiting orders from
weeks ago from other companies!  What a nice change
of pace and excellent customer service.   The plate is
Laurel From California Wrote:
Hey Tim, yea man I'm just commenting on that blackjack sauce you
put on them ribs. I don't know if this has to be positive but its not
necessarily gonna be. It wasn't as flavorful as i thought it would be
but it wasn't bad. It wasn't too good on ribs but if it was on some
chicken i bet it would be some bomb food man. It may just need
more of whatever gives it the flavor. It may have just tasted funky
from it being on the ribs two nights in a row but it tasted watered
down almost. Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear man. Ill
have your dish for ya A.S.A.P. I just gotta wash it lol.
See ya later man.
R. Shelton from Mi. Said about
Smokin' Black Jack
Stubbs from Pitsburgh said this about SMOKIN'
BLACK JACK; comments = Smokin Black Jack bbq
sauce....gooooooooooooooooood stuff ya need to
try it. he'll send it to ya sweet spice that's real real
nice......unique one of a kind taste..try it and see
you'll know what I mean....Brother Stubbs Hotfun
Mark M. from APO Marshall Islands Said;
"Just wanted to say thanks - got my first order
and was so pleased I'm placing another one
right now. I had ordered those first 2 as
going-away gifts for friends who were PCS'ing
and the package got here in record time."
Nancy T. From Oregon said about Green Tequila
Sunrise Marinade:
Oh gosh I'm not so good at this. I just know I was
pretty much easy for me to tolerate. Usually I
can't take the spicy hot but this was more of a
medium hot, very flavorfull marinade. I think it
will also go well in other dishes as well!
Jammie H. From Michigan said;
I Bought the  Bed And Breakfast
Birdhouse for my mom for her
birthday it is all I expected it to be
and got a great deal on barter day
sale :) , arrived on time w/ no
issues Perfect transaction and
constant communication from Tim.
awesome shopping experience.
Carla, M. from Virginia said;
I received professional, personal,
and expedient service. I will be
shopping Velvet Gourmet more
Jamie H.
Said This about Island Blend.
This BBQ Sauce is delightful has a
great taste and is awesome on little
weenies simmered in the crock pot,
also great on baked chicken and on
tacos. I give this Sauce a 10 and
recommend trying it.