#34758 Zebra Mask Wall Plaque
This unique zebra mask evokes the texture of
carved wood in a distinctly tribal design.
Polyresin. 5 1/4" x 2" x 14 1/4"
Retail Price: $16.95 Our Price $15.00
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#39349 Lucky Elephants Tusk Sculpture     
A family of time to enjoy the cool shade. Faux-ivory tusk makes
a wonderfully worldly focus piece, adding a touch of the wild to
your decor. Polyresin. 16 1/2" x 2 3/4" x 8"
Retail Price: $39.95 Our Price $33.00
#12611 Noble Elephant Wall Décor
Indulge your wild side when you dress up a dull room
with this lifelike sculptural plaque! Lovingly detailed re-
creation of Nature’for hanging. Weight 7.5 lbs.
Polyresin. . 19 1/2" x 16" x 11" high.
Retail Price: $79.95
Our Price $67.00 W/FREE SHIPPING
#34759 Animal Masks Wall Plaque
Exotic African wall plaque with traditionally carved giraffe,
elephant, zebra and leopard masks. Alabastrite. 1 1/2" x 3 5/8" x
27 1/4" Product Name: ANIMALS MASK WALL PLAQUE Item:
34759  Retail Price: $19.95 Our Price $17.00
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Beautiful Beasts
#13046 Lucky Elephant Figurine
Legend states that an elephant figurine inside your
home brings good fortune; why not see for yourself?
Small in stature but big on looks, this beautiful
wood-look elephant is a winning addition to your decor..
Weight 0.7 lb. Polyresin. 6 3/8" x 2 5/8" x 5 1/8" high.
Retail Price: $16.95  Our Price $15.00
#13047 Lucky Elephant Statue
The stories are true: The person who owns this gorgeous
elephant is a lucky decorator indeed! Impressive statue
has the rich appearance of a hand-fashioned work of art.
Weight 2.4 lbs. Polyresin. 11 1/2" x 4 1/4" x 10" high.
Retail Price: $24.95
Our Price $21.00
#13048 Romantic Giraffe Figurines
A pair of giraffes shyly shares a smooch, with graceful
necks intertwined. A whimsical interpretation of love
in the wild, with the beautiful look of hand-carved
wood! Weight 1.3 lbs. Polyresin. Overall: 6 3/4" x 3
1/4" x 9 1/2" high; each is approx. 4 5/8" x 2 1/8" x 9
1/2" high. Pair Retail Price: $24.95 Our Price $12.00
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The light from three tealights will dance off the 3D carvings of
these candleholders to make the elephant family come to life as
they perch atop their wooden platform. Weight 1.2 lbs. Candles
not included. MDF wood and metal top. Set: 11 3/4" x 3 7/8" x 4
5/8" high; tall candleholder: 2 1/4" diameter x 3 1/2" high; short
candleholder: 2 1/4" diameter x 2 3/8" high; tray: 11 3/4" x 3 7/8"
x 1" high. Retail Price: $16.95
Our Price $14.00
Every color and gleaming gem reflects the joy of a mother and
child at play! Traditional elephant motif fountain brings a
vibrant hint of the exotic that enlivens any décor, along with the
merry music of cascading water. Weight 3.8 lbs. Polyresin.
Electric pump included. UL Recognized 8" diameter x 10 1/4" h
Retail Price: $39.95 Our Price $34.00
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inspired giraffe mask wall decor. the textured
finish makes this piece of art look like a hand-
carved treasure straight from the Serengeti. It’s
sure to bring a touch of African style to your
room. Item weight: 1.6 lbs.
5¼" x 2" x 14" high. Polyresin.
UPC: 849179018580.
Retail Price: $16.95 Our Price $15.00
Mama giraffe gently nuzzles her calf in a tender
moment captured perfectly in this beautiful statue.
Item weight: 9.2 lbs. 9" x 6¼" x 16¾" high.
Polyresin and felt pads. UPC: 849179023454.
Retail Price: $49.95 Our Price $46.00
Elephants are symbols of luck and wisdom, and adding
one to your decor is a wise decision. This stylized statue
depicts a joyous elephant with his elongated trunk
raised up high, and it’s sure to complement any decor
in any room.
Item weight: 6.6 lbs. 10½" x 5" x 34¾" high.
Polyresin and felt pads. UPC: 849179023461.
Retail Price: $49.95 Our Price $46.00
This sublime statue perfectly captures the spirit of the
wise and wonderful elephant. Elongated legs and
stylized detailing make this a timeless work of art that
you’ll love having on display.
Item weight: 7.6 lbs. 11" x 4?" x 18¾" high.
Polyresin and felt pads. UPC: 849179023478.
Retail Price: $49.95 Our Price $46.00